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EYZA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EYZA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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EYZA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the Memecik olive trees blossoming at the Cezairli Olive Groves located in Milas, Turkey.
Our olive oil is won from early harvest and cold pressed at under 22 degrees within a few hours using ancient oil pressing techniques. The cold extraction best preserves the richness of the oil’s organoleptic properties. The olives are free of pesticides and carefully harvested by hand by us, our family and friends. With a polyphenol rate of over 530, our olive oil not only has a first class quality, but is also beautiful to look at.

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Customer Reviews

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Jens Ruddeck
Richtig richtig lecker

Wir lieben dieses Olivenöl! Preis Leistung ist nicht zu schlagen und wenn ihr auf der Suche nach einem guten Olivenöl seid, schlagt zu! Es ist eines der wenigen Öle, bei denen die Herkunft komplett transparent gemacht wird und 100% des Öls kommt aus den dortigen Oliven. Das gibt‘s selbst in unserem Delikatessladen um die Ecke nicht so. Wir sind Fans :-)

The best bottle of olive oil

Unbelievably good - great taste & high quality
Upgrades every dish

sevinc yerli
Love it !!!

Das Olivenöl aus Bodrum hat ein besonderes Geschmack der Einzigartigkeit ist. Sein intensiver Geschmack und die hohe Qualität haben mich so begeistert, dass es mein bevorzugtes Küchenöl geworden ist. Ich kann es nur empfehlen!

A Symphony of Flavour and Quality

Really happy with my purchase - it instantly upgraded my kitchen!
The taste is a velvety dance of rich, fruity notes and a perfect peppery kick, making it a versatile choice for any dish. It's got a perfect balance of flavour and aroma, it makes an essential addition for every gourmet food enthusiast. Whether you're drizzling over salads or sauteing, the olive oil makes each meal a gastronomic masterpiece. I love it!

Richy Ugwu